Could the last person watching free-to-air networks please turn the telly off?

7:00am April 1st, 2009

As our long time avowed nemesis Richard Wilkins revealed on Twitter this morning, the TV Fugly Awards have been indefinitely shut down.

Unfortunately due to the Global Financial Crisis, the backers of the annual anti-awards could not come up with the $130 it took to stage the event.

While this marks a sad day for television viewers around Australia. We think people should remember the good times over the last seven years like when allowed people to gamble on the results in 2007 and 2008 and when Tottie Goldsmith told us she liked the highly defamatory but mildly hilarious fake Myspace profile we had set up for Richard Wilkins.

Even though the TV Fugly Awards were unsuccesful on every level, we are keen to move into other projects of higher satirical worth like running a fake Richard Wilkins account on Twitter and standing in the background of Sunrise waving at the camera whenever we are in-shot.

Forever in the love of bad telly,

Idiot from The Fuglies

About the TV Fugly Awards
The TV Fugly Awards may or may not have been originally conceptualised in a state of tequila and coffee induced confusion by television obsessed individuals with too much time on their hands who stupidly act on ideas without asking others for advice.

Despite this poor start, the Fuglies have proved to be a self proclaimed “incomplete success” at recognising the bad bits as well as some of the good things on Australian television.

The Fuglies aren’t meant to be taken too seriously, it’s just taking a different view of Australian television. We don’t hate the TV Week Logies or Aussie TV, we just thought that we’d give the Australian public a chance to vote for awards where you’re not required to buy a magazine or ring a 1900 number to cast your vote.

The inaugural TV Fugly Awards were held in 2002 and received wide spread support on radio and in newspapers around the country. This media awareness meant that they received an incredible 11,691 total votes from 14,368 unique visitors.

The results of the first awards got tounges wagging in the Australian Television Industry, household lounge rooms and work places around Australia.

After this success, it was deceided that the TV Fugly Awards should be held each and every year. Anything less would be unAustralian!

The second TV Fugly Awards were held in 2003 and again received incredible support from the media and voters alike. This support allowed 25,722 valid votes to be recorded. Considering that the Fuglies were only ever meant to be a joke and were always just one level above drawing a penis on the head of the picture of a television star in your tv guide it is yet to be deceided wether this is an appalling reflection of Australian society that this could occur or something that should be celebrated.

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