Favourite TV Week Logies Moment #324

Easily one of our all time favourite TV Week Logies moments is a behind the scenes incident that didn’t even happen on the Night of Nights but would still have to be embarrassing to those involved.
It was when ACP magazines bought out joint venture partner Pacific Magazine’s stake in TV Week a few years back. [...]

Favourite TV Week Logies Moment #182

Andrew Denton’s opening monologue 2000 Logies:
Welcome, all, to the 42nd Logies. Hah! God, if only they were that long.
Gold. Taking the piss of the event at the event. Love it.
(Re-remembered via Mondo Thingo)
Remember, at the Fuglies there will be no witty remarks just faux swearing. Guaranteed!
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Open Source Statistical Analysis Fun

We’re bang up for open source at The Fuglies. This blog is powered by open source PHP goodness, the new site design will be based on a modified open source template and a beer we regularly drink for inspiration was started with open source ideas.
If you don’t know what open source is it’s basically [...]

Reciprocating link love!

Being the ego fanatics we are in the Fuglies office Monday mornings is spent trawling through our list of referral logs to see who hearts us or hates us via links on their web sites.
One that took our interest was: http://dear-rove.livejournal.com
Looked what he said last year about Rove McManus not winning a TV Fugly Award:
Honestly [...]