Crazy interest levels

Our web stats are through the roof, radio interviews were about the same, print coverage was up and for the second year running we did a video interview with Fairfax Digital that right now it is still sitting as the second most viewed video on the web site of Melbourne’s newspaper The Age 5 days [...]

Done and Dusted

Well then, that’s it. The 2006 Fuglies are complete for another year.
The Recipients
Go check out who the winners, losers and nominees were in Australia’s most industry recognised, intelligent, fun, faux swearing filled TV awards.
Next Year
If you want to vote in next year’s awards join our email newsletter list so that we can tell you when [...]

2006 Logies Wrap-Up

I know we here at The Fuglies are meant to be cool Logies hating people that can’t find joy in anything related to it but if we can admit it wasn’t a half bad effort. There were moments this year that made it ok and one of the better shows which doesn’t say much but [...]