Idea guaranteed to improve ratings for the Logies telecast

Just heard this bit of scooped Logies gossip while listening to Robbie Buck’s Top Shelf Radio on Triple J this afternoon. Unfortunately it isn’t some salacious info about which Home and Away star snorted bolivian marching powder off Grant Denyer’s chest at the after-party or who was caught in a compromising position in the toilets [...]

The Ceremony

Nobody believes us when we say we have a ceremony on the footpath outside Crown Casino.
This year we were smart enough to take a camera.
While standing alone on our brand spanking new $10 roll of brown carpet waiting to hand out the certificates (no one attended, again) it kind of freaked passers-by out. We had [...]

Job Description: TV Publicist

It’s a couple of hours before results are announced and we’re feaverishly working bludging in an Internet cafe.
Which is why we thought we’d post this wonderful guest blog that has been written by John in which he details what is required of a TV Publicist. Also be sure to check out his blog The InterChange [...]