Why do you hate the Logies?
It isn’t that we hate them per se, it’s just that we think the that the ownership links between Australian Consolidated Press and Channel 9, organising and presenting the television industry’s gala awards is an incestuous relationship that distorts the perception of the event to be a marketing driven cash cow for the Packer Family which takes away from it being known as a legitimate recognition of a creative industry.

Bagging the Logies is kind of cliche isn’t it?
Yes it is a very easy target but taking he piss out of something that so many things wrong with it, is so large and takes itself so seriously is still too hard to resist.

Does the winners actually receive anything?
No one goes away empty handed. If the “winners” choose not to accept their award in person, they are then sent a paper certificate printed on our office bubble jet with contact paper included to help keep the award in pristine condition.

Has anyone ever turned up to accept their award?
No. None of the the winners of the bad categories have been in touch. This has been a bit disappointing because I wouldn’t mind being given a serve by Jackie O, Mike Munroe or Eddie on what their opinion of the Fuglies are. There’s always this year I guess. Some of the winners of the more complimentary categories like Most Under Acknowledged TV Personality have contacted us say thanks to the voters which is a good bit of recognition that the Fuglies are somewhat on the right track.

However, in 2006, Adam Hills got his management to contact us to say he wanted to pick up his certificate but it was five hours after the “ceremony” and we couldn’t make it occur as we were about to get on plane back to Brisbane. It was the funniest call we’ve ever had when speaking to his publicist who was confused as to why he would wanted to do it. Well done Adam. Respect.

How do you screen out dodgy votes?
Our intention in holding the TV Fugly Awards is to reflect the views of ordinary people regarding their television preferences. Which is why we exclude votes where there is an obvious multiple or automatic attempt to significantly alter the results via of the IP Address and voting pattern.

Are The Fuglies trying to get people sacked?
We certainly never want anyone in the TV Industry to lose their job because of the Fuglies. We just hope that if they receive one they take it as a kick in the pants and lift their game.

Are these awards actually going to make a difference?
Let’s be honest. It’s a bloody big stretch for anyone to think The Fuglies will have any effect on television executives or programming decisions. We know that we’re not going too make a difference to he Aussie TV landscape but it;s still fun poking fun at an industry that at times takes itself way too seriously.

So do The Fuglies organisers think they have the best programming taste in Australia?
No, we’re not television snobs. We’ve got just as much trashy crap telly shows circled each week in the TV guide as the next person. That doesn’t mean it’s not still fun to laugh at the what the voters say are the worst shows of the year.

Have the TV Fugly Awards ever been sued?
Thankfully no. It is not the intention of these awards to defame or hurt anyone. Although we have been told that you haven’t made it in the Aussie TV biz until you’ve been sued by Channel 9 so we are somewhat waiting for the affirmation it will bring if the TV Fugly Awards do find ourselves in that unfortunate position.

Now that The Fuglies have “sold out” what has changed?
The actual awards are still the same. Anyone can vote vote for free via the web, same categories, same opportunity for people to express enthusiastic vitriol towards the stuff on Aussie TV they don’t like. The only big change is that we the organisers have become showbiz arseholes. Real difficult reality tv contestant style self-entitled attitude. Is quite unbecoming. What is even worse is that because our wonderful sponsor is helping us out via in-kind assistance and not cash, it means we will have to pay for the limos, giant vodka jelly filled swimming pool and the twenty Picture magazine Home Girls hanging out here at Fugly HQ out of our own very empty pockets.

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