The Idea

“Trying is the first step towards faliure.”
Homer Simpson

It was just something that came to us after we did a work all-nighter in 2002. During the night we had been listening to the Billy Birmingham 12th man CD The Final Dig? which very briefly had a football team in it called The Fuglies.

The next day in a ridiculously tired state, we heard the Logies nominees announced over the radio and did not like any of the potential recipients so one of us said the first thing that popped into our head which was “F#@! that I’m going to start the Fuglies for the worst stuff on telly”.

That initial idea made us laugh, so we thought why not? We’re TV viewers that have studied market research at University and know the Internet so why shouldn’t we do something to mock the Logies voting process in a fun sort of way that couldn’t be taken too seriously. Luckily running parody awards events requires no qualifications, prior experience, IMDB-like knowledge of TV shows or expert status. We just sat down for half an hour writing out some categories that were what we thought TV Week had missed and covered stuff we didn’t like on television.

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