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2007 Winners

2006 Winners
12,794 votes prove that democracy in Australia is alive and well. Some special ALL TIME worst categories to commemoratethe 50th year of television in Australia plus an award that only Richard Wilkins could win.

2005 Winners
As well as the usual categories in 2005 the TV Fugly Awards put the microscope on the programming tactics that annoyed our 15,387 voters as well as asked the big political question ahead of rumoured media reform changes, should Australia have a fourth commercial network?

2004 Winners
If we had an awards night where these are presented Eddie McGuire would not have even had time to sit down. He took home the chocolates three times. Well he didn’t really take chocolates home that’s just a figure of speech though he was sent three paper certificates.

2003 Winners
18 categories and 25,722 opinions. Snarktastic fun.

2002 Winners
The first ever TV Fugly Awards got underway with categories that voters had obviously been licking their lips in anticipation to vote for the worst of what had been on the box in the last 12 months.

TV Week Logie Awards
Want to know The Fuglies opinion of our major competitor in the Australian TV awards industry? Didn’t think so. We’ve only done that page to keep the lawyers at arms length.

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