2004 Results

Below is the full list of categories, winners and top 4 nominees (in order) for the 2004 TV Fugly Awards.

These results were gathered from 21,381 of Australia’s most passionate yet disgruntled television viewers.

As is our tradition, these lucky “winners” can remember the honour of being part of Australian television history with a 100% genuine paper certificate printed on our office bubble jet which will be mailed to them in the next week.

Worst TV Show
The Hothouse (10)
We didn’t even realise that there were enough people watching this show for it to be voted as the Worst TV Show but obviously enough people were initally fooled to watch at the start by the Channel Ten promotions department and wanted to make their opinions noted about this copy-cat show.

Mcleod’s Daughters (9)
Home and Away (7)
The Resort (10)
Mornings with Kerri-anne (9)

Worst Male TV Personality
Eddie McGuire (9)
Mr Eddie Everywhere isn’t content to take three cheques home each week from Channel Nine and host the Logies but he also dominates these little awards because our voters are obviously are annoyed at something about him.

Ray Martin (9)
Mark Holden (10)
Jon Stevens (10)
Richard Wilkins (9)

Worst Female TV Personality
Catriona Rowntree (9)
Bit of a suprise but we reason that she won the big gong because as well as hosting Getaway she has been fronting every special Channel Nine has done in the last 12 months and people are sick of seeing the same people night after night. Our voters must want a bit more variety.

Naomi Robson (7)
Kerri-Anne Kennerley (9)
Deborah Hutton (9)
Bec Cartwright (7)

Most Biased Sporting Commentator
Eddie McGuire (9)
Second year in a row for Eddie. Not a big suprise considering he is chairman of Collingwood and has been annoying AFL fans from non-Melbourne clubs pretty consistantly again over the last 12 months in his role as both the AFL Footy Show host and as a Channel Nine AFL commentator.

Tony Greig (9)
Phil Gould (9)
Paul Vautin (9)
Sam Newman (9)

Worst Sporting Coverage
This category can be interpreted as either the poor quailty coverage or lack of coverage in any given sport. We might fix this category next year to make it more clear as to what we are asking and is specific but we can assume that voters this year have wanted it noted that they wouldn’t mind seeing more surfing coverage on the box.

Super 12 Rugby
Lawn Bowls

Most Sensational Current Affairs Program
Today Tonight (7)
Another back to back winner in this very tightly contested category. Only just pipped Ray’s high standard program in this award that celebrates the poor quality enertainment/sensationalised/beat up stories that get pumped out by current affairs shows each week night.

A Current Affair (9)
60 Minutes (9)
Media Watch (ABC)
Four Corners (ABC)

Most Over Exposed TV Personality
Eddie McGuire (9)
We’re sick of this so we are changing the rules next year because this is the third straight year that he takes this award.

Next year we’ll rename theaward after the Channel 9 star thus excluding him from being nominated.

The orgainsiers are really really sorry to our loyal and intelligent voters who obviously want their position about Eddie noted to the TV executives but we need to stop the Fuglies from becoming as predictable as the Logies and this will allow other TV stars to get recognised for being over exposed without Eddie hogging the limelight.

Jamie Durie (9)
Catriona Rowntree (9)
Rove McManus (10)
Delta Goodrem (10)

Overseas TV Show That You Wish Would Just Disappear
American Idol (10)
Aussies obviously didn’t mind Australian Idol (well it was the top rating show last year) but can’t connect with the USA version or it just annoys the crap out of voters, either way they want it off the telly.

My Wife and Kids (7)
8 Simple Rules (7)
Everbody Loves Raymond (10)
Gilmore Girls (9)

New ‘Token’ Categories
These are the categories that we are most proud of because just as TV executives re-work programs in their quest keep up with the changing tastes of their audiences, the TV Fugly Awards also make a half-arsed token effort each year to appear fresh and relevant.

Biggest Crying Blubbering Male on Reality TV in 2003
47.42% - Daniel “Saxon” Small (Big Brother 3, 10)
The voters judgement is clearly spot on with this category and we endorse the position that they took. A deserved winner!

38.32% - Anthony Sumbati (Australian Idol, 10)
14.26% - Neither, stupid category that shows bad taste

Best Idea from the General Population for a New Reality TV Show
We asked voters to suggest their Best Ideafor a New Reality TV Show as a community service to help burnt out commercial television programmers who have found it difficult to find and produce quality reality television program ideas.

The quality of submissions was really surprising, the general population of TV viewers are very creative. However, there was a very strong trend to have shows that featured television network executives being subjected to very difficult situations.

We’ve picked the three below from just under 10,000 responses to this category as what we judge is best. We’ll put others up on the web site when we get some more time.

Still, some very impressive concepts that we’d like to see on TV much more than what the networks have been coming up with in recent months.

12 week series with 12 asylum seekers who are competing for 1 temporary protection visa. Who get deported and who gets refugee status is up to Australia’s TV viewers to vote a asylum seeker back to their troubled homeland each week.

Weekend at Bernie’s
As an adaptation of the cult film with the same title - 2 people must carry a dead body around for a weekend, They win $10,000 if nobody notices anything is amiss. Also able to have celebrity spin-off version using the body of a former d-list ‘reality TV celebrity’.

The Ratings Are In!
Show that follows the three commercial network’s head programmers around on the day ratings are announced each week to see their reaction and watch how the expert programmers make their decisions concerning different shows to lift ratings.

Good Categories
The Fuglies and their voters don’t just focus on negative aspects of the Australian television industry. We also want to acknowledge some of good things about Aussie television with some fun and meaningful categories. Well as meaningful as the Fuglies can ever become.

Spunkiest Male TV Personality
Tom Williams (7)
The Channel Seven star beat Australia’s most successful ex-stripper (who has previously been a winner) for this honour. The girls also voted some other new talent high on the list not seen previously during the Fuglies.

Jamie Durie (9)
Andrew G (10 + Channel V)
Aaron Jeffery (9)
Brendon Julian (9)

Most Spankable Female TV Personality
Sami Lukis (9)
We’ve been been massive supporters of the Today Show star since she was voted as the winner of this category in our first ever awards. The good judgement and insight of our male voters really is amazing! Well done guys we again agree 110% with your choice in this category that reminds everyone what the Fuglies are really about!

Jo Ashton (10)
Tammin Sursok (7)
Toni Pearen (9)
Erika Heynatz (10)

Best Piss Take of Other TV Show/s
Second in a row. A very clear winner, would like to see more shows that cut close to the bone of the TV industry but obviously that won’t be happening. Might retire this category next year if there is nothing else filling the boots of CNNN because I don’t think the boys from The Chaser are backing up for a 3rd series.

Life Support (SBS)
Big Bite (7)
Skit House (10)
Comedy Inc (9)

Best Personality Who Appears on a Dodgy TV Show
Trevor Marmalade (9)
Bit of a suprise to us as he hasn’t been in the top 5 before but still a worthy winner in our opinion. Not that our (the organisers) opinion actually means anything but still the opinion of our voters does. This veteran comic obviously needs to get a better vehicle than the AFL Footy Show to do his stuff.

Bert Newton (10)
Delta Goodrem (10)
Marcia Hines (10)
Lavinia Nixon (9)

Most Under Acknowledged TV Show
Pizza (SBS)
Again the voters recognise the pr spin that goes with most commercial tv shows and vote real programs for some of our better awards. We are so proud of you all. Well done to the independent broadcaster and the guys from Pizza for taking this gong.

The Glass House (ABC)
Merrick and Rosso Unplanned (9)
Catalyst (ABC)

Most Under Acknowledged TV Personality
Shaun Micallef (Formerly with 9 + ABC)
We think that the 2004 voters felt Shaun was given the rough end of the stick when Channel Nine dumped his talk show last year and gave him enough votes to take out this award. If any casting director or head of programming at a televison network are reading these results you should take note that our voters are saying bring back Micallef.

Andrew Denton (ABC)
George Negus (ABC)
Magda Szubanski (ABC + Foxtel)
tied - Wil Anderson (ABC)
tied - Peter Helliar (10)

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