2005 Results

It is always hard to decide if these people and shows are winners or losers for receiving a Fugly. Either way we counted the votes and the people below received the highest number of votes in their respective categories and will now be part of TV industry history as 2005 Fuglies recipients.

Worst TV Show (full details)
- The X Factor

Worst Male TV Personality (full details)
- Eddie McGuire

Worst Female TV Personality (full details)
- Kate Ceberano

Most Biased Sporting Commentator (full details)
- Eddie McGuire

Most Sensational Current Affairs Program (full details)
- Today Tonight

‘The Eddie’ for Most Over Exposed TV Personality (full details)
- Bec Cartwright

Nastiest Reality TV Judge (full details)
- Todd “I hated it” McKenney Dancing With The Stars

Stupidest Innovation in a Sports Broadcast (full details)
- 59% SkyCam (Used at State of Origin + AFL)

Should Australia have a 4th Commercial TV Station? (full details)
- Yes

Most Annoying TV Programming Tactic (full details)
- Shows running over their allotted time slot

Cancelled TV Show That Should be Returned (full details)
- SeaChange

Spunkiest Male TV Personality (full details)
- Tom Williams

Most Spankable Female TV Personality (full details)
- Sandra Sully

Most Under Acknowledged TV Show (full details)
- The Glass House

Most Under Acknowledged TV Personality (full details)
- Andrew Denton

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