2006 Results

Even though there is no denying that these awards do their best at carving up Aussie TV stars and shows by recognising the “worst of the worst”, we still love watching trashy rubbish on TV. It’s why we created the Fuglies. We love bad telly so much we want to reward the people who create it. This really is just a bit fun to laugh at crap shows, dodgy stars and our own viewing habits.

So without anymore gibbering, the results of the 12,794 opinions about what Australia really thinks of some television programming from the last 12 months.

For the full list of top nominees and associated commentary for the 5th Annual TV Fugly Awards click on the full details link for each award.

Worst TV Show (full details)
- Australian Princess (10)

Worst Male TV Personality (full details)
- Daryl Somers (7)

Worst Female TV Personality (full details)
- Jackie O (10)

Most Biased Sporting Commentator (full details)
- Phil Gould (9)

Most Sensational Current Affairs Program (full details)
- Today Tonight (7)

‘The Eddie’ for Most Over Exposed TV Personality (full details)
- Natalie Bassingthwaite (10)

Spunkiest Male TV Personality (full details)
- Grant Denyer (7)

Most Spankable Female TV Personality (full details)
- Jennifer Hawkins (7)

Most Under Acknowledged TV Show (full details)
- Spicks and Specks (ABC TV)

Most Under Acknowledged TV Personality (full details)
- Adam Hills (ABC TV)

Australia’s ALL TIME Most Overrated TV Show (full details)
- Hey Hey It’s Saturday (9)

Australia’s ALL TIME Most Overrated TV Star (full details)
- Rove McManus (10)

Reality TV show that you would never appear on (full details)
- Big Brother (10)

Australia’s Worst Show Biz TV Reporter (full details)
- Richard Wilkins (9)

Overseas Show you want to see on Australian TV (full details)
- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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