Overseas Show you want to see on Australian TV

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

With everyone downloading shows over the Internet and buying TV show DVDs like crazy this needed to be asked. While The Fuglies organisers personal choice The Colbert Report only got a a couple of hundred votes, Comedy Central’s other flagship show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart took the 2006 TV Fugly Award.

On the back of Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars Australian TV viewers seem to be bang up for more satire from his fake news show which is shown on Comedy Central in the states.

According to Australia’s The Comedy Channel web site they are interested in airing The Daily Show with Jon Stewart but as yet have not secure the rights to the show for Australia. Hopefully they will get their act into gear and we’ll get to watch his daily satire or maybe the networks really wake up and fund an Australian fake news show.

Note: we know some of these shows are on, have been on or are soon to be on the television here in Australia but it was our own bad question structure that caused this. Sorry
Top Nominees - Veronica Mars, So NoTORIous, Extras, The IT Crowd, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, Coronation Street, The Colbert Report, Entourage, EastEnders, Battlestar Galactica, The Naked News, Big Love, My Name is Earl and Mile High.

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