2008 Results

The results from the 7th annual TV Fugly Awards. This worthy list of recipients will be sent their paper certificates shortly.

Winners - Full Voting Details - The Ceremony

The bad categories…..

Worst TV Show
- Gladiators

Worst Male TV Personality
- Kyle Sandilands

Worst Female TV Personality
- Anna Coren

Most Biased Sporting Commentator
- Phil Gould

‘The Eddie’ for Most Over Exposed TV Personality
- Kyle Sandilands

The good categories…..

Most Spankable Female TV Personality
- Myf Warhurst

Spunkiest Male TV Personality
- Hamish Blake

Most Under Acknowledged TV Show
- Newstopia

Most Under Acknowledged TV Personality
- Shaun Micallef

The novelty categories…..

TV Network Frenemies
- Kyle Sandilands and Rove McManus

Worst Advertisement on Television
- Toohey’s Extra Dry (Pod People)

Trashiest TV Show You Secretly Love to Watch
- The Biggest Loser

Most Sensational Current Affairs Story
- Corey Worthington

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