The Ceremony

This year we tried really really hard to make The Fuglies a legitimate and respected awards by holding a proper ceremony. As you can see, we failed unspectacularly.

Held across the road from Crown Casino at the Soutbank Promenade, a big upgrade from the usual the ceremony location which has always been on the footpath outside Crown Casino.

The event included all the ingredients of an awful awards show: ran well over the allocated 3 minutes, lame host, milk crates for a stage, temporary seating for all the nominees, water instead of champagne, shameless plugs and product placements as well as The Fuglies tradition of having a brown carpet instead of a red one.

Thanks to Another Bloody Water for making it happen and to TV Tonight for the photos.

Seating arrangements

A classy affair with very expense spared

The brown carpet tradition continues

Lame amateur awards show host plus shameless product placement

All photos © TV Tonight

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