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Firstly, if you hadn’t already guessed, the TV Fugly Awards are in no way affiliated with the TV Week Logies. If you are here looking for them go to

Sitting on the couch in the TV Fugly Awards “office” it is fair to say we have few issues with entire process that culminates in Australia’s night of nights known as TV Week’s Logie Awards.

The Logies aim to recognise and promote excellence and popularity within the television industry. While on the otherhand, our awards offer viewers a fun and sarcastic vehicle to express their opinion about aspects of Aussie TV that annoy and frustrate them.

The organisers of the TV Fugly Awards do not hate the Logies. Really, we don’t. The fact is that it is a love hate relationship. We haven’t missed watching one Logies event in the last 14 years. We love them for the good things and for the bad.

Though we do have some “issues”….

TV Week Logies “Issues”
The aspects we don’t like include some of the ordinary hosts over the years, the red carpet bs, the four hour show and the nauseating self congratulations.

Despite these reasons, our main gripe is that it is our opinion that the voters in the Logies are not drawn from a true and accurate representative sample of all Australian television viewers.

Aussie TV “Issues”
Even though we fully understand that with free-to-air television you get what you pay for. It still doesn’t excuse the neworks from shafting their viewers at every opportunity.

Want to read more drivel by us about why we don’t like the Logies? Sydney’s Daily Telegraph asked us to answer this: Have the Logies ceased to be relevant to the Australian TV industry?

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