Have the Logies ceased to be relevant to the Australian TV industry?

Written by TV Fugly Awards creator Anthony Dever published Daily Telegraph editorial 03/05/05

It’s easy, fun and almost fashionable at this time of year to scoff at the Logies. With reasons like most of the awards being voted for by people who don’t realise they can get their TV guides in the newspaper for free being easy fodder to dismiss the event as irrelevant.

The fact that the magazine which controls the Logies is also owned by the same company that owns the TV network that broadcasts the event certainly doesn’t help it s cause.

While the ceremony telecast itself is often cringe worthy, tedious and full of shameless plugs and product placements that does little to promote the creativity and talent within the industry.

Collectively these claims show the event to be lacking in legitimacy, credibility and status that it needs to be perceived as relevant.

The Australian TV industry deserves better than this.

Especially at a time when local television production is at it’s lowest level in years. The industry needs a set of awards that recognise the excellence that does occur so that the attention, excitement and public interest generated via the Logies goes to worthy productions and performers without the quality of the awards being questioned.

Unfortunately, in their current format, the Logies just don’t allow for that to occur.

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