Standard first blog post!

This year we’re being all uber like and publishing a blog because that’s what everyone is doing now days to reach the kids on this internet thing. It’ll be tops blogtastic fun giving youse all an insight into WTF goes on with the Fuglies.

So what’s doing? Well we’re only just starting to put some thought into the ALL NEW Fuglies for 2006. I know what you’re thinking, we’re letting the side down by not already having it meticulously planned well that’s true because the current organisers of the awards are a great disappointment to the Fugly cause but in all honesty running Australia’s 14th most popular survey (1) isn’t that tough.

All we need to do is put together the new site design, think up a couple of new categories, slap together a semi-coherent media release that doesn’t have too many speling mistakes and think up some ideas to generate interest in the 2006 awards. Then we slut around media style for a month talking about why everyone in Australia should vote and then when it is all done slut around some more saying who’ll be getting the paper certificates they deserve.

For now all that is known is that voting will probably start sometime in the next 2-3 weeks.

Anyway have to get back to watching the telly. Sunday morning TV is the best. Video Hits really is an institution of Aussie culture. Though I still don’t know why a few years back Aussie Idol reject Kelly Cavuoto got booted from hosting the show after getting drunk and swearing at Guy Sebastian yet Simon ‘Hotdogs’ Deering lands his own show after twice getting charged for public nuisance after allegedly having sex acts performed on him following Big Brother eviction parties. I would just love to read Channel 10’s Code of Conduct policy to get my head around what is acceptable behaviour by their stars down at the Channel 10 studios. Doesn’t really matter, Axel carried her anyway.

Remember, with every vote in the 2006 Fuglies a television executive loses his yearly bonus. Guaranteed!

The Fuglies Couch Dwellers

(1) This is a completely made up piece of information used to give these awards much needed credibility. In fact, we don’t know where we rank in the survey popularity rankings here in Oz or even if there is such a ranking but we do know that saying we’re the 14th most popular certainly sounds good.

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