Reciprocating link love!

Being the ego fanatics we are in the Fuglies office Monday mornings is spent trawling through our list of referral logs to see who hearts us or hates us via links on their web sites.

One that took our interest was:

Looked what he said last year about Rove McManus not winning a TV Fugly Award:

Honestly Rove, not winning a fugly? That’s like failing at failing. You should be ashamed of yourself. More ashamed than normal.

Isn’t that the best summation of not winning a fugly ever? We’re going to be all TV like and rip that to use in slutting around media style adnauseum without giving credit to the original author.

I hadn’t seen it before but the site is a pretty good read for people that don’t like Rove. Similar to the Dear Mark/Kim book by Richard Berry the site publishes a weekly hate email that the author Mark sends to Rove every Monday. It looks like he’s being doing it since 2002. That’s some dedicated snark.

Remember, if you vote in the 2006 Fuglies we will send 20% of your votes to the orphanage started by Bec Cartwright and Little Lleyton. Guaranteed!

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