Favourite TV Week Logies Moment #324

Easily one of our all time favourite TV Week Logies moments is a behind the scenes incident that didn’t even happen on the Night of Nights but would still have to be embarrassing to those involved.

It was when ACP magazines bought out joint venture partner Pacific Magazine’s stake in TV Week a few years back. Unfortunately, the lawyers involved didn’t dot the i’s and cross the t’s on the contract because the management rights of the Logies event was disputed for a good nine months before it was all sorted out in court and returned to its rightful incestuous home of the Channel 9 marketing department TV Week magazine.

Buying a magazine but not making sure it’s main asset, the industry event that props up the subscription and circulation numbers is part of the deal is like buying a car without checking that the keys are included.

We should be worried by this because these are the very same people drafting the new media laws advising the government on the TV industry’s perspective.

Remember, if you buy The Fuglies on eBay when we give up and try to cash in on this piss weak “event” we’ll include everything in the deal. The idea, the name and roughly 10,000 post-it notes with cruel comments written about Aussie TV. Guaranteed!

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