Way too lazy for Fugly April Fools Day Prank

The level of gullibility of people to still be sucked in on April Fools Day each year never ceases to amaze. Like F#@k. It only happens on the same day every year. But this is the exact sort of audience demographic we need to attract as TV Fugly Award voters and is why the idea of doing something on April Fools Day has always had an appeal to us.

Unfortunately we’re lazy.

Though, if we were to get our act together our three April fools day ideas to shamelessly promote the awards spread the fugly love are:

* Announce we are producing left-handed TV remotes
* Conduct protests outside TV networks
* Launch fourth commercial network

Lame. We know. Which coupled with our laziness is why nothing has ever been done.

Considering we’re not doing anything today, you may as well go listen to our fave ever April fools day prank that caught Richard Wilkins out when Adam & Wil announced on Triple J breakfast that the Sydney 2000 Olympics had being canceled.

Remember, the people behind The Fuglies are a great disappointment to their parents. Guaranteed!

The Fuglies Couch Dwellers

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