Why can’t they all just get along?

Everyone on the Fugly Lounge (that’s a trademarked term, Ikea: f!#@ off!) was disappointed to hear that two potential 2006 Fuglies winners are in court with Kyle Sandilands winning a defamation case against Channel 7’s Today Tonight.

How are you two going to interact on the big day (May 5) if you’re not all matey?

We just hope Kyle doesn’t crack the sads and get litigious on us if he takes out a Fugly.

Hmmmmmm. Might get legal advice on that again even though we’ve been assured previously we’re not doing anything naughty having these awards. Highly immature, yes. Declare ourselves bankrupt naughty, no.

Remember, this is just a satirical event and there is no way anyone could think we’re being serious. Just some nobodies mucking around with thousands of other nobodies in the shallow end with the murky fugly looking water of the proverbial television pool.

The Fuglies Couch Dwellers

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