2006 Logies Wrap-Up

I know we here at The Fuglies are meant to be cool Logies hating people that can’t find joy in anything related to it but if we can admit it wasn’t a half bad effort. There were moments this year that made it ok and one of the better shows which doesn’t say much but still nothing to hurt ourselves over.

Here are some things from this year’s broadcast that we scribbled down on post-it notes during the night:

Good Bits
The Chaser sketch from the tally room at the start was top shelf. We didn’t get it down in time but does anyone know if it was really Eddie’s mobile number they gave out?

Joan Rivers. Gold. Not just the swearing and nailing the entire room and Logies with quotes like Why the fuck am I here? but that fact of having Richard Wilkins standing there trying to keep her on script while his entire world crashing around him. Nothing better. Up there as one of the all-time greatest Logies moments.

Chas Licciardello from The Chaser being in the background of every nominee shot and being onstage when the cast of Blue Water High pushed him around when they were accepting their Logie. Can’t wait till Friday night when they put it together for the Chaser show on ABC TV.

Bert’s speech about Gra Gra and Bert + Gra Gra. Nothing further to add. Very well done on both counts.

Bad Bits
Little, Bec + Mia. Australia’s Favourite Couple??? We must be so out of touch. It was just a shameless cross promotion plug to keep them in Australia’s minds to sell magazines now they’re overseas. Not the warm and fuzzy moment Logies producers would a have hoped for by bringing the new baby out in a matching dress to her mum. Just a cringe inducing moment for us on The Fuglies lounge.

Daryl trying to put Tom Gleisner on the spot with questions about US singer Pink. I’m guessing the D-gen team would have given Daryl both barrels back in the day when they did radio and maybe it was meant to be a pay back. Tommy G just answered back straight faced leaving Daryl to commentate that he left it open for Tom to do a gag. Daryl, Go back back to the auto cue.

Bert couldn’t pronounce Ada Nicodemou. Not a shot at Bert. Just a reminder that a Gold Logie nominee was THAT unknown.

Fricken long. I fell asleep at 11:30pm and still missed the last few awards. They’ve got to cut this thing back. 4 hours plus, that’s just crazy time.

Torvill and Dean. Entirely awkward and filled with shameless plugs. If Nine and TV week don’t want idiots like us taking easy shots at the Logies don’t make it all about promoting your latest show and give presenters decent lines to read.

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