Done and Dusted

Well then, that’s it. The 2006 Fuglies are complete for another year.

The Recipients
Go check out who the winners, losers and nominees were in Australia’s most industry recognised, intelligent, fun, faux swearing filled TV awards.

Next Year
If you want to vote in next year’s awards join our email newsletter list so that we can tell you when voting starts.

We Love You All
Thanks to voters, people who talk about the awards with mates and the media for telling all of Australia. Youse three have been good to us and stuff for 5 years now which is why we here think youse are all tops little Stralians that we can’t get enough of and make us feel so special when youse do what youse do.

As always a massive hug goes to the television stars and network big cheeses who continue to cop this piss weak attempt to be funny on the chin year after year.

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