Crazy interest levels

Our web stats are through the roof, radio interviews were about the same, print coverage was up and for the second year running we did a video interview with Fairfax Digital that right now it is still sitting as the second most viewed video on the web site of Melbourne’s newspaper The Age 5 days after it first went online.

Fuglies Age
(full screenshot)

Considering the heavy news week (there’s a mining disaster + rescue going on, the budget is about to be released and Richard Carleton has passed away) that we are smack bang in the middle of it’s just crazy a video about this half-arsed awards is being viewed so much.

C’mon people, go watch the other news stories on subjects that mean something.

That’s not some false modesty thing happening on our part but The Fuglies boy without muchos huevos grandes has a nervous tick thing happening in the video and keeps saying “edged out” and “out edged”. We really need to remove it from the frontpage (it’s bad for The Fuglie brand) and also need a new spokesperson for 2007.

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