Holy smokes!!! We think The Fuglies influenced Foxtel & SBS

We’ve always said that the only way television viewers can have their opinion officially ignored is by voting in The Fuglies.

However, it looks like the 2006 results may have finally been noticed and helped with a programming decision after we just received an email saying that The Comedy Channel is now showing satirical news broadcast The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Foxtel subscription telly four nights a week and SBS will be broadcasting the The Daily Show World Edition on Thursday nights.

You might remember that this year that particular show was voted by the astute TV Fugly Awards voters as The Overseas TV Show People Most Wanted to see on Australian TV.

While The Fuglies would never take the credit for this brilliant news. It was certainly nice to see an improvement in shows available on the box here in Oz so soon after it was strongly voted for by a decent sized sample of unhappy viewers. Maybe we could hope other networks take the same initiative and with their programming? Ha ha ha. That made us laugh too. Not likely.

Well done voters 2006 voters. Well done SBS and The Comedy Channel.

The Fuglies Couch Dwellers.

3 Responses to “Holy smokes!!! We think The Fuglies influenced Foxtel & SBS”

  1. The Daily Show is as bad as The Wedge. It’s not ‘Not the 9 0′Clock News’, or anywhere close.

  2. Ummmm don’t know what to say. We’ve never heard anyone compare those two shows before. But the Fuglies are all about people giving their opinion no matter what it is. So thanks heaps for commenting on Version 2.0 of our blog. We lost all our old comments in the upgrade so you’re officially numero uno.

  3. Adam’s an idiot… The Daily Show’s the best show on this planet - followed by The Colbert Report. How possibly can you compare it with THE DREADFUL WEDGE!!! People in this country are as insane and dumb as those in the south of the United States!