Reason #43 Why The Fuglies Hate TV Week Magazine

Sometimes we get emails here at the TV Fugly Awards asking why we’re so tough on a magazine like TV Week. It’s because of little things like this as reported in today’s Crikey newsletter by Glenn Dyer:

Readership always sounds better than sales.

The Australian’s Media section carries a story on TV Week, the promoter of The Logies.

The story is accompanied by a photo of the mag’s editor Emma Nolan with a caption which reads: “TV Week editor Emma Nolan says writing about local television drama is an art form. The APC title sells more than one million copies a week”.

But if you read the story you find: “According to the latest Roy Morgan figures, the ACP glossy had 1,082,000 readers at the end of December last year.”

And if you consult the ACP website for TV Week you find it sells just 273,297 copies a week. The readership sounds better but TV Week doesn’t sell “more than a million copies a week.”

The difference between what a reader is classified as and what a copy sold is, is pretty big in publisher/media/marketing circles. You’d think an editor would implicitly understand this.

Yet these are same people that run the Logies. Lets hope for John Wood’s sake they get the numbers right when counting the results. Not that they publish how many votes are lodged each year. That’s be transparent and accountable. But with those very decent sized sales numbers (that suprise us), surely the number of Logies votes would have to be respectable figure worth announcing?

I guess not.

Also, who are the two hundred thousand plus Australians buying such a bland magazine each week? Maybe they don’t know you can get the TV Guide in the newspaper for free.

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