The Fuglies voters spotted Kevin Rudd’s mediawhoredom first

Thought we should remind everyone that during last year’s TV Fugly Awards voting in the category for the Most Over Exposed TV Personality - ‘The Eddie’ Kevin Rudd scored a substantial number of votes. That was before he was even Opposition Leader.

Which is why it didn’t really surprise anyone here on the Fugly lounge when news broke over the weekend that Kevin Rudd and Channel 7’s Sunrise program had planned to hold a mock Anzac Day service in from Long Tan in Vietnam a few hours before dawn so that it would be broadcast during when the highest share of viewing audience would be watching. Ouch! That doesn’t look good for either Kevin or the Sunrise “Family”.

At least it does again show that The Fuglies voters are an enlightened crowd who are right on the money with their insights and judgement with all things TV. They clearly have their ears to the ground and eyes on the screen.

One Response to “The Fuglies voters spotted Kevin Rudd’s mediawhoredom first”

  1. A Message to Heavy Kevvie !

    Once a little half smart Runt - always a little half smart Runt - I say !

    You have not changed from the days, when you used to line up your little robot underlings and harangue them, like a little punce Sergeant Major.

    As for PM material, you definitely don’t make the grade.

    Latham saw right through you.

    You try to bully the print media and look what happens !!!

    You feed them bullshit and look what happens !!!

    I all rebounds eventually.

    The thing I find to be quite amazing is, that the power brokers obviously didn’t do their homework very well, when they rolled old Kimbo and put a little half smart Runt like you, at the head of the Mafia.