Must See: movie taking the piss out of TV

There is a film coming out soon in the USA called The TV Set.

The TV Set

It’s tagline is: A place where dreams are canceled.

I love it already.

The film is basically about a writer (played by David Duchovny) as he has to compromise everything to get a TV pilot through the US Network TV processes of casting, production and finally airing. Sure it’s pretty similar to the second season of Ricky Gervais’ Extras and I don’t know when or if it is being released in Australia but via the trailer below it looks so good.

Fave quote by a TV exec from the trailer: But frankly, original scares me a little.

If we could just sit down Australian commercial television executives in front of this movie and force them to watch it, do you think they would get it?

I say, no.

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