Thanks to the ideas women and men

A big thank you to the following people plus another 290 anonymous contributors who answered our call for ideas with suggestions about things they liked and disliked about the Logies, The Fuglies and Aussie TV to help make the TV Fugly Awards a less half-arsed effort in 2007.

If we could pay you, we would. Unfortunately, printing the certificates plus postage to ensure the winners know they have won as well as the one tonne of coffee that is consumed during the vote counting isn’t cheap you know. Though your time taken to offer some ideas really means a lot.

Tops people we would love to employ if we could and a very much responsible for The Fuglies in 2007….

Daniel from Kinglake West.
Jay from NSW.
Travis from Perth.
J from Sydney.
Matt from Adelaide.
Samantha from Perth.
Louise from Willoughby.
Damien from Sydney.
H from Sydney.
Leanne from ACT.
Vicki from Perth.
Stephen from Melbourne.
Toad from Brisbane.
Guy from Alstonville.
Martin from Randwick.
Courtney from Brisbane.
Andy from Sydney.
Quentin from Brisbane.
Dylan from VIC.
Andrew from Melbourne.
Robert from Gold Coast.
Ella from NSW.
Con from Tasmania.
Anna from Tasmania.
Stephen from Marian.
David from Sale.

Insanely mad props,
The Fuglies Couch Dwellers

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