And We’re Underway

A few hours behind schedule but we’re pleased to announce The Fuglies have come back in 2007 to give viewers a chance to unload on everything on Australian television that they’re not happy with.

You can submit your nominations in the 2007 TV Fugly Awards at

Who will you vote for to get Australian TV’s worst honours? All the TV Fugly Award winners are chosen by ordinary television viewers who are happy they don’t have to buy a copy of TV Week to express their opinion on the state of Aussie television. Make your vote count and don’t let the people who annoy you the most walk away without the award they deserve!

What’s different from last year?
2 Step Voting Process
instead of having a drawn out month long process, this year we’ve chosen to go with a with a 2 step, 17 day voting period.

The entirely open text box voting was just to difficult for The Fuglies Couch Dwelllers to continue the craziness of collating, sorting and counting open text responses for the whole voting period.

So what we’ve done is allow people to nominate whoever they want for the first 8 days. Then we’ll tally up the votes and release the top 10 nominees that can be voted on to decide the winner in each category.

Eddie McGuire is back!
Now that Eddie is back on the telly he is back in the running and eligible for nominations.

We always felt that The Fuglies were some type of hommage to Eddie so now that it just feels right he can be included again in our silly little awards. Happy times.

Most categories have stayed as they’ve always been. We’ve still got all the big categories which let Aussie TV viewers get things off their chest in categories that nobody in the television industry wants to win.

We have however dropped the category Most Sensational Current Affairs Program . It just felt really tired that we were beating up the same two shows in such a limp way especially when their journalism misdemeanors are so well covered throughout the year via comedians and regular media analysis.

We are pleased to say we have some spiffy/shiny/sexy new categories:
- Newsreader/TV Journalist with the Most Gravitas
- Naomi Robson’s worst incident of the year
- Worst Advertisement on TV
- Show that was messed around the most by a television network in the last 12 months
- New “Sports” to broadcast on TV

The full list of 2007 TV Fugly Awards categories….

The bad categories….
1. Worst TV Show
2. Worst Male TV Personality
3. Worst Female TV Personality
4. Most Biased Sporting Commentator
5. ‘The Eddie’ for Most Over Exposed TV Personality

The good categories….
6. Spunkiest Male TV Personality
7. Most Spankable Female TV Personality
8. Most Under Acknowledged TV Show
9. Most Under Acknowledged TV Personality

Annual token categories….
10. Newsreader/TV Journalist with the Most Gravitas
11. Naomi Robson’s worst incident of the year
12. Worst Advertisement on TV
13. Show that was messed around the most by a television network in the last 12 months
14. New “Sports” to broadcast on TV

Vote now, vote fugly, vote well

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