Vote Fugly, Gamble Fugly!

The screenshot below is the representation of the greatest moment of our lives here at the TV Fugly Awards.

Bet on the 2007 Fuglies
(bigger screen shot .gif image)

We will never be able to adequately describe or thank those responsible for what this means to all of us sitting on the Fugly Lounge. Yet without any hint or word beforehand from the company concerned we have just been been informed from a 3rd party (thank you Robbie and Amelia) that you can bet on the winners in some categories for this year’s Fuglies.

How fun/insane/exciting/disturbing is that?

We would never encourage anyone to gamble. But if you do feel strongly that your least favourite star or show might win in their category, we suggest taking out a hefty loan, say $100,000 and placing it with the fine people at

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting a cut from any of this and it will mean that there will be no regular voting updates as there was in previous years as to ensure that all people who are investing their hard earned in these results have as fair a chance as everyone else. It will also mean we’re going to take extra steps above what we always do to clean out dodgy votes by people trying to sway the results which will mean more sleepless nights. Though, it somehow seems worth it now.

Ummmm, what else do we say? This is by far THE most rad thing ever.

UPDATE 2.26pm: They’re sending out media releases!!! We haven’t even finished writing our own half-arsed spelling error riddled grammatically poor nominees announcement media release yet. Never the less sent it to the four or five people from the Fourth Estate that will talk to us. And, their one has puns!!! - THE UGLY SIDE OF TELEVISION - WE BET YOU LOVE IT! They’re funnier than us plus they’re doing our work for us. This is getting better and better.

One Response to “Vote Fugly, Gamble Fugly!”

  1. How about having a most ugly actor/actress catergory? I nominate that vile “Cassie” from “Home and Away” talk about an utter scrubber.