Idea guaranteed to improve ratings for the Logies telecast

Just heard this bit of scooped Logies gossip while listening to Robbie Buck’s Top Shelf Radio on Triple J this afternoon. Unfortunately it isn’t some salacious info about which Home and Away star snorted bolivian marching powder off Grant Denyer’s chest at the after-party or who was caught in a compromising position in the toilets with Jeanie Little.

Chris Taylor from The Chaser’s War on Everything revealed that he and Craig Reucassel, both invited guests and 2007 TV Week Logie Award nominees, were unceremoniously ejected for attempting to film a sketch.

Apparently, about twenty seconds into doing a stunt, Chris and Craig were forcefully restrained then frogmarched out of the Crown Palladium Ballroom by the much talked about hired muscle who had who been “pricks” all night after being posted at the Chaser’s table to keep watch on them.

After a few phone calls, Nine CEO Eddie McGuire would only allow them back inside for the announcement of the category they were in the running to win before they would be removed again. Taylor chose to go back inside but Reucassel decided to leave and return to their hotel room.

How terrific a story is that? In what way could The Chaser actually ruin the event other than adding a bit of fun to what was while professional and smooth running, a pretty dull affair. Especially when the brilliance of Joan Rivers and The Chaser’s boneheading from 2006 gave us hope that there could be some actual entertainment on Logies night. Expectations were high.

This entire fiasco (yep, fiasco) reminded us of our idea which is a sure fire way to boost ratings and revenues for the Logies telecast.

The CC TV Logie Awards - fun for the whole Nine family.

Channel Nine could run a separate pay-per-view simulcast on Nine Digital with footage from all the Closed Circuit TV cameras. Being a casino there’ll be no additional production costs just switch the feeds to the digital channel and watch the money flow.

Start it at 6pm when attendees start to make their way down from their hotel rooms to do the red carpet gauntlet right to when the after-parties finish at 6am. Then as a cross-promotion with Today do a highlights package with awards based on what occurred on the CC TV footage during the night. Two television industry awards for price of one.

From watching the Sunrise and Today wraps this morning as well as listening to most radio shows talking about the Logies today - all anyone is really interested in is the behind the scenes goss. This way Channel Nine would give people what they want, it doesn’t affect the real awards and they’d make serious bank.

It just makes sense. Come on, let’s make it happen. Does anyone know Eddie’s phone number?

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