Ideas? Anyone?

The Logies have gone to all this effort of appearing to look legitimate/tolerable with things like allowing anyone to vote, announcing the ceremony will be sans host and putting up a whole group of ABC nominees in the running for a gong.

So we guess people are now wondering how The Fuglies will up our game to remain the new hotness in the Australian Television Awards Industry. Well, three days out and we the organisers are not really sure. We think our usual half arsed effort of creating some new categories will be enough.

As well as our usual enthusiastic vitriol aimed at bad shows and stars we will have an award for ‘TV Network Frenemies’, ‘Australia’s Best TV Viewer’ and ‘Community TV Show You Want on Free-to-Air TV’.

If anyone else has any better ideas (you’d have to be lazier and more mediocre than us for them to be much worse than these) then comment below or email your suggestions to awards [at] and they will most likely be included as a category for nominations in 2008.

7 Responses to “Ideas? Anyone?”

  1. Brett Debritz (remember him, he lives in Shanghai now) was referring to the Best New Female Talent Logies category as “the inaugural Child Exploitation Award due to Bindi Irwin” in a recent blog concerning The “other” awards, which got me thinking, make the “Child Exploitation Award” a actual Fugly category. The link is

  2. How about a hall of shame or lifetime underachievement awards?! ;)

  3. Do you have an award for a personality/personalities, so overexposed, that even they themselves are sick of seeing their face everywhere ? I can recommend a certain Queensland based mother and daughter act !

  4. Categories that should be added:

    Worst “Comedy”

    Worst Drama

    Worst TV Movie/Mini-series: A lot of one-off TV-only features often escape condemnation.

    Worst Import: I suggest this because Australian TV has a lot of imported content.

  5. Oh, I just remembered to add this category:

    Worst Animated Show: Children are often being exposed to poor quality shows.

  6. Thanks for all your suggestions people. We’ve put these as well as the email responses to the committee and the nominations for with the new award categories will be online soon.

  7. Why don’t we find some QUALITY industry people to judge the awards? If we want to bring our awards ceremony into the internatinal scene we have a long way to go. Quality acting should not be based upon an actors popularity in the community, but their actual art in acting. If we want to represent Australian actor we need to endorse a national award ceremony that awards acting abilities