First winner announced

It’s 3:38am and we’ve just finished sorting then counting the last 24 hours of nominations and are now putting the top nominees into our survey software for the proper vote which will be starting later this morning.

Now that all the hard work has done we can say that there is one category we can already declare a winner in and it’s the award for the Community TV Show You Want on Free-to-Air TV. In horse racing parlance the show which won, won only after every other runner was scratched from the race. Out of the 5000+ nominations for the 2008 Fuglies only 35 were entered for this category and only one show received more than two votes. Still, the congratulations go to a show which used to be on Melbourne’s Channel 31, Fishcam.

Yes, a show that is no longer even on community telly which was just the images captured by a camera pointed at a fish tank has been given the gong. I’m quite sure commercial network executives will be knocking on the producer’s door later today now that it has been recognised at The Fuglies. It will probably be brought out of hiatus and be back onto our screens within the week. Well done voters. You have again proved that your superior televisual judgement combined with online democracy is a wonderful mix.

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