ABC TV snub The Fuglies

We’ve given ABC Managing Director Mark Scott, head of television Kim Dalton and the ABC TV publicity department 9 days since our nominees were announced to get a tasteless and pathetic or even just a distasteful promo campaign for their nominees in the 2008 Fugly Awards broadcast on the telly and put online for the youth of Australia to see.

They did it for the Logies…

…but have done nothing for The Fuglies.

Isn’t it in their charter for the ABC’s coverage to be fair and balanced, showing both sides of the story? Technically that’s just a policy for journalism but we here on the Fugly Lounge think it is an example of extremely poor cross-promotional standards which are creeping into the public broadcaster. We’re disappointed.

And ABC TV look like they have the perfect promotional strategy for us. Considering we’ve survived for 7 years with little more comical substance than a faux swear word, their unfunny and boorish attempts at satire makes them the perfect marketing team for these awards.

Also. We’ve been handing out our good gongs to ABC shows and people right from the start.

It’s like the ABC doesn’t care about these awards. But more importantly they don’t care if Myf, Adam, Andrew, Chas, Alan Spicks & Specks and The Librarians get a pat on the back from voters that care about good tv.

Attention: Mark Scott, Kim Dalton and ABC TV Publicity, we are going to do what Stephen Colbert would do and put you ‘On Notice’. If we don’t have a ABC/Fuglies promo uploaded onto The Youtube as well as slotted right between the the news at 7pm and the 7:30 Report we will write a letter to the Friends of the ABC. That’s right. We are willing to unleash hell. We know that you’ll do the right thing.

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