And We’re Underway

A few hours behind schedule but we’re pleased to announce The Fuglies have come back in 2007 to give viewers a chance to unload on everything on Australian television that they’re not happy with.
You can submit your nominations in the 2007 TV Fugly Awards at
Who will you vote for to get Australian TV’s worst [...]

2007 Voting Starts - Midday Monday April 16

Update: We’ve pushed this back on hour to Midday. Sorry.
Until then, we’re moving servers, doing a live re-design and testing the voting systems. Which is why we are very sorry for any missing or incomplete parts of our web site that cause inconvenience during the changes.
The Fuglies Couch Dwellers

Thanks to the ideas women and men

A big thank you to the following people plus another 290 anonymous contributors who answered our call for ideas with suggestions about things they liked and disliked about the Logies, The Fuglies and Aussie TV to help make the TV Fugly Awards a less half-arsed effort in 2007.
If we could pay you, we would. Unfortunately, [...]

Must See: movie taking the piss out of TV

There is a film coming out soon in the USA called The TV Set.

It’s tagline is: A place where dreams are canceled.
I love it already.
The film is basically about a writer (played by David Duchovny) as he has to compromise everything to get a TV pilot through the US Network TV processes of casting, production [...]