The Fuglies voters spotted Kevin Rudd’s mediawhoredom first

Thought we should remind everyone that during last year’s TV Fugly Awards voting in the category for the Most Over Exposed TV Personality - ‘The Eddie’ Kevin Rudd scored a substantial number of votes. That was before he was even Opposition Leader.
Which is why it didn’t really surprise anyone here on the Fugly lounge when [...]

Reason #43 Why The Fuglies Hate TV Week Magazine

Sometimes we get emails here at the TV Fugly Awards asking why we’re so tough on a magazine like TV Week. It’s because of little things like this as reported in today’s Crikey newsletter by Glenn Dyer:
Readership always sounds better than sales.
The Australian’s Media section carries a story on TV Week, the promoter of The [...]

Rumours of our takeover were greatly exaggerated

As if we’d sell out. It’s not because of any high-falutin’ keeping it real credibility grounds. More just a lack of willing buyers. Yep simple Supply and Demand from Introduction to Economics.
Those that missed the geniusness that was our Official April Fools Day Prank with 30% hilarity guaranteed can visit the fake media release here:
April [...]


2007 Logies Nominees were announced today.
Go read the news stories for a run down.
Our only comment, how did last year’s gold Logie winner and perennially nominee John Woods get nominated again? Have they just given up at TV Week and don’t care anymore? Surely Blue Healers was finished after last year’s Logies and he hasn’t [...]