2006 Logies Wrap-Up

I know we here at The Fuglies are meant to be cool Logies hating people that can’t find joy in anything related to it but if we can admit it wasn’t a half bad effort. There were moments this year that made it ok and one of the better shows which doesn’t say much but [...]

Favourite TV Week Logies Moments

Countdown shows are so hot right now. That’s why whenever we’re devoid of Fuglies stuff to blog about we thought we’d hope aboard this uber programming trend reminiscing our favourite TV Week Logies moments.
We know we know, we’re supposed to pure in our jaded view on the Logies by not liking any part of it [...]

Why can’t they all just get along?

Everyone on the Fugly Lounge (that’s a trademarked term, Ikea: f!#@ off!) was disappointed to hear that two potential 2006 Fuglies winners are in court with Kyle Sandilands winning a defamation case against Channel 7’s Today Tonight.
How are you two going to interact on the big day (May 5) if you’re not all matey?
We just [...]

Giddy as a school girl!

Maybe it’s the fourteen Red Bulls in the last three days but everyone on the couch here in the Fuglies office is pumped with TV Fugly Awards induced enthusiasm.
2006 Voting Has Started
We’ve got new categories and no Eddie. Go knock yourself out and vote!
New Site
Hope youse all like the new design and updated content. We’ll [...]