Our Sponsor - Another Bloody Water

Another Bloody Water

For the first time ever, The Fuglies are proud to have a sponsor.

Another Bloody Water have signed on to become the Official Water Supplier to the TV Fugly Awards.

How did the organisers of Australia’s most half-arsed event convince a successful and legitimate business to be associated with these awards?

Well, on the 26th of January we received an email from them offering assitance so that we could have an actual ceremony. How could we say no to that? A company with a profanity based brand name offering to help the TV Fugly Awards doesn’t come along too often. Plus, it was sent at 3pm on Australia Day. We thought the guys at Another Bloody Water might have been drinking something other than their own fine product so it was best to do a deal as soon as possible.

It is because of their generosity in providing in-kind support we can thank them for allowing us to present the very first real ceremony in Melbourne on May 2nd where the winners will be announced. Muchos gracias guys!

Beside that they are willing to spend some of their hard earned to help The Fuglies, we like them because…

  • ‘Tis a small company started by three friends.
  • Their customers must love their product because they take photos of the bottles and put them on the internet.
  • It’s good to have a locally sourced bottled water that doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not.
  • They are certified as organic by the Biological Farmers Association which means the company uses processes that maintain the naturally high quality of their water, minimise harm to the environment and ensure their water source will still be there in 100 years time (source).
  • They take the piss out of the flowery language and unrealistic imagery used by their competitors.
  • They have a low level swear word in their brand name and we have a faux swear word in ours. We’re a perfect match.

Be sure to check them out at http://anotherbloodywater.com.au and go be Myspace friends with them.

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