What the TV Industry think of The Fuglies

We’ve never had any winners or nominees contact us directly (a bit disappointing really, we’d love to get a call and be given a serve by Richard Wilkins or Daryl Somers). But we do have faithful servants to the cause who mention the awards to tv types at every chance.

Unfortunately, no one has a publicity headache inducing brain explosion bagging The Fuglies. In fact, they are all good sports about it, bastards, but the three occurrences below are still worth a listen.

Hamish Blake speaking at the Logies in 2008 to TV Tonight.

Todd McKenney in 2006 speaking on 96fm Perth.

Karl Stefanovic in 2006 speaking on ABC 612 Brisbane.

Eddie McGuire in 2005 speaking on Mix101.1 Melbourne.

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